You only live once

You only live once
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Us humans can be a boring bunch. If we’re not careful we can all too easily get stuck in a rut of work, home, sleep, repeat. But it has genuinely been scientifically proven that going on holiday and having adventures will make us happier.

Learning to Adventure is about happiness, but I think deep down it stems from darkness. I try to turn everything into a positive (every cloud and all that) but I’ve always lived with the feeling I’m on borrowed time.

You see when I was 14 I was bullied at school. Maybe this is where seeing everything as a positive came from… because those bullies saved my life.

Long story short – I had a thyroid problem, which meant I also had a big ugly lump on my neck (and that’s where the bullies came in). After years of torment about it, I took the decision to have a total thyroidectomy (they took it out). Upon removal the surgeons discovered it was quite literally stuffed full of tumours. After 12 months and a lot of gruelling treatments I was declared cancer free, and I began to start living my life again.

That’s partly why adventure is so important to me – we only live once. Why would we spend our one chance on this earth living in just one corner? Never leaving our bubble to experience something new? Get out there and embrace your life. Give it everything you’ve got and then some… And that’s when you’ll truly begin living.

When I say adventure… I don’t just mean exotic globe-trotting adventures (although I do love those too). I mean all adventures. Big adventures. Little adventures. Everyday adventures. That sense of adventure you get when you head to the airport for the holiday you’ve been dreaming of. The feeling of adventure when you head out on the road to discover a new place. The adventure of stumbling across something that makes you smile.

So that’s why I’m embarking on the biggest adventure of my life. The one where I learn to embrace the adventure of life! I’m going to find adventure in the everyday. I’m going in search of those little moments of discovery and happiness that take us by surprise.

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  1. Awesome Laura, I agree life should be an adventure and we are trying to bring our own kids up that way. Sarah #AdventureCalling

  2. Oh! I love this!Last winter I was laid up with a broken leg and couldn’t leave the house. My mind was going crazy to get out, even if that adventure was just a walk around the block.


  3. I’m sorry that you’ve had such a tough time, but your positive outlook is inspiring. You’re so right, noone knows what’s around the corner, so we do need to make the most of it. It’s all too easy to get stuck in a rut, I love my little adventures, even if I just go down the road, it makes me happy and that is so important. Thanks for sharing with us at #AdventureCalling

  4. What an amazing attitude to life you have. Overcoming cancer is a life battle in itself, the fact that it has spurred you on to seek adventure everyday is just awesome. Thanks for joining us on #adventurecalling I hope you can again tomorrow.

  5. Oh my goodness that sounds so scary. I’m pleased you are now cancer free and living life to the full.Enjoy x #adventurecalling

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