I’ve been asked a few times now how I went about setting up my blog.

I guess I’m lucky in that my real-world career is in Digital Marketing, so I’m pretty savvy when it comes to things like building websites, buying domains and setting up on social media.

Here are just a few of the tools I’ve used or found useful along the way

My domain registration and hosting is with 1and1.co.uk – They’re great. A few days after setting up I got a call asking how it was all going and if there was anything more they could do. For their managed wordpress package, I’m paying just £0.99 a month (for the first 12 months) and that came with a free domain!

This website is built on WordPress.com – I used the free OceanWP theme. It’s SO flexible and versatile, I was able to create exactly the layout I wanted. While I am comfortable with HTML, CSS and all things nerdy… I didn’t need it with this fantastic theme. I did upgrade my plan to purchase the Core Extensions Bundle – which was well worth the small pricetag.

Stay tuned for more helpful resources, coming soon.

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