My Adventure Wishlist – Ultimate Top 10

My Adventure Wishlist – Ultimate Top 10

This isn’t a bucket list. Because a bucket list seems very final and concrete, and I don’t believe my dreams should be tied down like that.

This is my Adventure Wishlist Top 10 as it stands right now. It will change. I will add new adventures. I might even bump things off the list if I change my mind (it’s a girl’s prerogative, right?).

I’ve also included some links to some fabulous articles about these adventures by other bloggers I’ve found – if you’ve got some of the same things on your wishlist, maybe their posts will inspire you!

1 – Hire a camper-van and drive around New Zealand

It’s hard to explain the reason behind this one – but New Zealand just looks like the most beautiful place, so why wouldn’t I want to explore? Lotte over at Phenomenal Globe illustrates this beautifully in her post “23 photos that show why I love New Zealand so much!“.

Another place I’ve found inspiration is “Roadtrip Diairies: A Magical Journey through Middle Earth” by Nicola at Polkadot Passport – Unlike a lot of blog’s I’ve read through, Nicola’s trip was just 9 days, which seems entirely achievable for someone struggling with just 20 days holiday a year!!

2 – Wild Swimming in the UK

No, I’ve not lost my mind. I really do want to go wild swimming in the chilly waters of Lancashire! Well, I say “swimming”. What I really mean is I want to go and splash about a bit in a lake or a river!

Ever since I got my paws on the Wild Guide (Lake District, Yorkshire Dales and Forest of Bowland) I’ve been determined to go wild swimming.

But my big question – Wetsuit or no wetsuit?!

3 – Hawaii

I’m not sure where the decision came from – but Rich and I instantly agreed that our Honeymoon destination of choice would be… HAWAII!! In all honestly, our verging-on-unhealthy obsession with Hawaii Five-0 probably played a huge part in that decision.

I’m so excited to say we’re booked in and ready to fly – we’ll be jetting off to tour the four main islands this Autumn – so watch this space for some Hawaii updates!

Rich seems to think this will be a relaxing holiday… whereas I have other ideas. I mean, after reading Exploration Hawaii’s “7 reasons why hiking in Hawaii is awesome” – why would I want to sit still for even a minute? In fact, everything on the Exploration Hawaii website has me counting down the days!

4 – Norway

The fjords, the mountains, the scenery. The more remote the better. Oh, and the Northern Lights I guess. Someone please just book me a ticket already.

Ultimate inspiration comes from the Culture Map’s Scandinavia section. With “20 things that instantly make Norway cool” and countless other posts, prepare to be enchanted by this Scandinavia-lover’s blog!

5 – Dubrovnik

This was Rich’s suggestion. I asked him what else he’d add to my wishlist, and he said he’s always wanted to explore Dubrovnik… so here it is! I’m hoping this is one we can get crossed off pretty soon, as it’s not too far to travel and flights are pretty reasonable at the moment.

Looking for inspiration it seems it’s all about those City Walls, so that’s gone straight to the top of my Dubrovnik-Must-Do-List, along with the majority of things listed in Ed’s “15 ways to make the most of seeing Dubrovnik in Summer

6 – Southern Africa

12 years ago I did a month long trek through Zambia and Botswana and I fell in love. My Botswana travels in 2005 were dreamy – evening strolls through the bush and lazy mokoro trips on the delta. Take me back, please?

I’ve listed this as “Southern Africa”, as I’m totally torn over whether to visit South Africa, Botswana or Namibia… or maybe all three!

Let’s cut to the chase here… The World Pursuit’s “Ultimate Southern Africa Bucket List” is pretty much everything I’ve ever hoped or dreamed of doing in Africa.

7 – Oregon

I’m not really sure when this became a dream, but something about the stunning scenery in Oregon just calls to me. Seriously, how can one state have so much to offer?

Big shout out to Keara at Viva Lifestyle & Travel for fitting everything that’s beautiful about Oregon into one post – “The Explorer’s Bucket List: 8 Natural Wonders in Oregon

Oh, there’s also the fact I really love their tourism website – the tone of voice they’ve adopted is fantastic (that’s the marketing geek talking).

8 – New Orleans and the Deep South 

This is a trip we’ve been talking about doing for a while now. Ever since our trip to California we’ve been bitten by the USA Road Trip bug. My folks have a place in Orlando, so we’re thinking about starting out there, then driving to New Orleans with some stops along the way.

Nomadic Matt sums up the Deep South pretty well with his “7 things I learned while driving through the American South“.

9 – Lake Garda 

Another one of Rich’s suggestions, and another one I completely agree on! There’s something so tempting about Italy. I’ve only ever been to Sardinia, so I’d love to explore mainland Italy, and Lake Garda seems like such a beautiful place to start.

I’m struggling to put into words why we want to visit Lake Garda, so I’ll let Global Grasshopper explain “Why you should add Lake Garda, Italy to your 2016 travel list

10 – Scotland… All of it

We spent Easter Weekend 2016 in a beautiful little Airbnb in the Trossachs National Park, which was our base camp as we explored the shores of Loch Lomond and the heights of Ben Venue. That weekend I fell in love with Scotland. We’re only 2 hours south of the border, so a trip to Scotland isn’t the long distance drive it once was.

This was going to be about how I want to visit Oban, but in all honesty, my research for this wishlist has revealed that in fact I want to explore ALL of Scotland.

Thanks Adventures around Scotland. I’m going to blame you for this one (in a good way).

Just putting together my Adventure Wishlist has taught me some important things about myself –

  1. I seem to be drawn to mountains. At least 7/10 of the things on this list revolve heavily around mountains.
  2. Turns out I REALLY like a list post. 15 ways, 20 things, ultimate bucket list… In a nutshell, if you write your blog in list form, I’m yours.


So, go on then… what’s at the top of YOUR Adventure Wishlist? Let me know in the comments below or chat with me on Twitter or Instagram!

* All photos have been found on and are licensed for use without attribution under Creative Commons CC0.


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  1. We used to live in Hawaii and are currently in Croatia, so I second your ideas on some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Enjoy your adventures!

    1. Thanks Tanya – look forward to hearing about your travels in Croatia!

  2. I have done 2, 5, 9 and 10, the rest is definitely on my bucket list, thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Oh now I’m jealous Jack!! Have you posted about them on your blog?

  3. Oh gosh I want to join you!!! I’d love to visit all these places too. We nearly made lake Garda this year but our plans changed. I would love to go,to Canada it always looks amazing. I am with you on the mountains, living in Holland they’re my biggest miss! Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! My first time on any kind of link up but seems totally worth it already!

  4. Although I know how cold UK water is and want to suggest a wetsuit they are so uncomfortable!! Go without 😛

    1. Haha thanks Natasha… I’m quite literally testing the waters this weekend so we’ll see how brave I really am!!

  5. Some great adventure here. We’re hiring a Motorhome in the summer to explore Scotland, mainly Loch Lomond and Pitlochry, any tips? Can thoroughly recommend lake Garda it’s beautiful x

    1. Oh how exciting!! I’ll be putting a post up soon about my last trip to Loch Lomond – it was very rainy but we found some fabulous walks!

  6. Excellent Post. I am sure I can pick up some from your bucket list especially Norway and NZ. Did Scotland multiple times – you can read more on my blog…. Have fun

    1. Thank you – I’ll be sure to check out your blog for some Scottish-dreaming!!

  7. I loved this idea. Dreams are not meant to confine you. The are meant to set you free! I always wanted to see the Northern lights and I ticked them off my list in Russia this year. I’ve jumped of a boat (small one) which considering my fear of water is a feat. Perspective changes over time. Eventually so do your desires and choices.

  8. Norway is on my bucket list too! I would love to visit it to watch Northern Lights.

  9. What a great list!!! I have been to a few – i have to say i would probably recommend the scottish highlands as the first place to go. And I would add Namibia to your list!

  10. Some lovely wishes here. I think South Africa would be too hot for me though. #ablogginggoodtime

  11. Amazing list. Some of these are already on my bucket list and some i need to add now. Hiring a camper van, new zealand and norway tops the list.

  12. I love your list and would love to try most of them! I definitely adding them to my bucket list! Thanks for the ideas for new adventures!

  13. Wow, you own an amazing list of adventure to experience. I truly love most of it and if I get the chance to try, I will surely do. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  14. I’m very jealous of your Hawaiian Honeymoon plans! I’ve been to Oregon, New Orleans, and a few places in the deep south. Oregon is gorgeous and they’ve got fantastic weather. Make sure you visit Crater Lake while you’re there. The last time I was in New Orleans was before Katrina, but from what I saw, that city has so much character, it would be impossible to lose it. And the French Quarter was just one giant party 24 hours a day. I hope you make it to all over your top ten! #ablogginggoodtime

  15. Holy crap, these are some gorgeous looking places. My wanderlust is in full swing right now!!

  16. I’d love to go Wild Swimming. That would be a dream. It needs to be warm though. lol! #adventurecalling

  17. Such great ideas, there’s a few that I’d like to tick off, especially Norway and New Zealand. Not so sure about wild swimming though, I’m a wimp so I’d definitely have to wear a wetsuit! Can’t wait to hear about Hawaii, that will be awesome. Thanks for sharing with us at #AdventureCalling

  18. Your wild swimming wish made me smile – as it turns out I had my first ever Irish Sea swim last weekend! I LOVED it. Don’t invest in a wetsuit before trying it, pick a warm summer day and enjoy!
    We did Norway in a camper van back in 2010, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. New Zealand and Scotland have been high on my wishlist for a long time now… Can’t wait to read about Hawaii.

  19. This is a great list and I love your philosophy of not being tied down to a bucket list. A campervan around New Zealand sounds amazing. I’ve always wanted to go to Patagonia so that would be at the top of my list. Thanks for joining us on #adventurecalling I hope you can again tomorrow.

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