Micro Adventuring in Keld, Yorkshire Dales

Micro Adventuring in Keld, Yorkshire Dales

Last week we took our Camper Car out on her first road trip!!

We learned a lot about camping in a car that night… namely that really cramped spaces and rain do not go together well.

We’ve got a few amendments to make before Ronda the Honda’s next trip out. We’ll be lowering the bed platform and trialling a new mattress. Once she’s good to go I’ll be putting a FULL writeup of our conversion from Car to Camper Car on the blog, so watch this space!

This trip to the dales was our first Micro Adventure. It was a little bit bigger than an Everyday Adventure but not quite as big as a Big Adventure.

Rich had the day off so the trip prep was on him (risky move, I know) but boy did good. He picked me up from work at 6pm and off we went. We’re lucky that we live less than two hours from this beautiful part of the world, so the drive was short. As it was hammering it down with rain (the news said we’d had six weeks of rain in one day – good to know we picked the best day for adventuring) we didn’t feel like cooking on the camping stove so stopped off for a takeaway on the way up.

We’d found a really quaint little campsite in the Wild Guide (seriously, I can’t get enough of this book) – Swaledale Yurts and Campsite. It’s pretty much 5 yurts in someone’s garden, with a bit of extra space for some camping. While it didn’t look like the biggest or best campsite, it was just beautiful.

Not only did it have some really nicely refurbished bathrooms and a barn with self-catering kitchen and tables… it has a hot tub.

We didn’t make use of the hot tub, but a great little addition if you’re looking to make your trip extra special.

The best bit of us was where we parked up – sitting looking out the back window we were overlooking the River Swale, and just a few short steps away was a private waterfall called Rainby Force.

So we settled down for the night – I can safely say our first night in the Camper Car was an interesting one. Despite the rain and the absolute lack of head room… we had a surprisingly good nights sleep!!

The clouds cleared and our day in Keld turned out to be really gorgeous. The next morning we headed out on a 6 mile circular walk to Muker.

This is the walk we attempted to follow – from memory and a shoddy photocopied map. As we were based in Keld we did started in a different place to this guide.

Well, I think we learned a big lesson about being prepared and taking a map… The 6 miler turned into a 11.5 miler after we took a wrong turn on the hill, got cut off by some flooding and got more than a little bit lost.

Anyway, once we were back on track it was a lovely walk over the hilltop and down into Muker, where we stopped for a good old pub lunch.

The walk back to Keld was just stunning. Walking along the banks of the River Swale and exploring tributaries and waterfalls along the way – it was perfect.

Rich took a waterfall shower, we scrambled up muddy cliffs and met plenty of friendly sheep.

We were hoping to take our first Wild Swim here, but with the excessive rainfall the water was moving really fast and we just didn’t think it was safe.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking – but if you ever find yourself in the dales we would highly recommend the beautiful waterfalls around Keld.

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  1. I’ve only been to Keld once, but I recognise some of those paths. It’s such a beautiful place and I would love to get back there soon. Sorry the weather wasn’t better for your adventure, hopefully next time you will get to swim. Also loving the idea of a campsite with a hot tub, that sounds fab! Thank you so much for linking up with #AdventureCalling

  2. What a great adventure. Shame you didn’t get your wild swim but it’ll be there next time in better weather. I look forward to seeing your progress with camper car too. Thanks for joining us on #adventurecalling I hope you can again when it opens in a few hours time.

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