The Man Behind The Adventurer

The Man Behind The Adventurer

It struck me as I was writing my last post that I keep referring to “we” but that I’ve never really explained who the “we” is… So, let me introduce you to the man behind the adventurer – Rich!

I’ve briefly touched on how we met here and talked about his job here if you want the background scoop.

Seeing as we’re all about learning, here’s a few things you should know about Rich…

1 – He’s a true southerner – born and raised in Kent. I’ve somehow managed to gradually drag him into the wonderful North over the last 8 years – we’ve moved gradually further north with each house move – but he still says silly things like grarss and carstle.

2 – Before he met me he didn’t even own a pair of walking boots. I swiftly rectified that and we’ve been adventuring and hiking together ever since. (Side point – he also had never tried the garlic and herb dip that comes with a domino’s pizza – he’d really been living a sheltered life Pre-Laura)

3 – He’s got an unexpected romantic side – little did I know how would drop to one knee in the single most stunning place on earth and ask me to marry him. Although I’m a little ashamed to admit my first reaction was “Err… what the **** are you doing?”, he scored himself some major brownie points for that one.

Rich and I in Yosemite - minutes after he proposed

4 – Where I’m all up for camping and roughing it – he’s more a at home in some 5* digs with a hot tub. He’s happy to humour me though (most of the time) and I’m not completely against giving in to his love of luxury.

5 – Those times that I do give into luxury, I like to make the most of it. That’s where his job comes in pretty handy! You’ve not experienced hot tub luxury until you’ve sat gazing at the stars watching fighter jets fly by with a Pornstar Martini in your hand.

6 – We have an interesting relationship dynamic when we climb mountains. In a nutshell, we fall out when we’re going up a hill. Rich is 6ftsomething with much longer legs than my much smaller and slighter self. This means as we’re going uphill he walks a lot faster than I do (he will also claim that is because he is fitter than me. I beg to differ) so I’m always left trailing behind. He’s got this nifty little habit of stopping, having a break while he waits for me to catch up then setting off as soon as I arrive… which means no breaks for me and my little legs. It’s not all bad though, we tend to make up when we reach the top and I start to like him again as we come back down.

Helvellyn Summit

7 – He’s not allowed to book holidays. Current count stands at three hotels booked for the wrong night, incorrect tickets bought for a theme park and telling the United Stated Government that I’m a man. Safe to say all bookings are now undertaken by yours truly.

8 – He’s very accident prone. He once stubbed his toe while sitting on the sofa. Go figure.

9 – I should probably add that he’s been super supportive of my new venture into the world of blogging – he’s my biggest fan, my fellow adventurer, my personal photographer and in less than three months time he’ll be my Husband as we begin our next big adventure together!

Ben Venue - Scotland


Have you got an adventure buddy? Give them a shout out in the comments!

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