Wondering how to improve
your own blog design?

I’m an experienced designer and web developer
here to help others maximise their blog’s potential.

How can i help?


I've used WordPress for many years now and I understand it's not always easy. I've got plenty of experience when things go wrong and can help you find a solution


Whether you're looking for a new logo, new header or completely new site design...
As an experienced graphic and web designer, I can help with any aspect of your design

New Site

Do you want to build a new site but have no idea how to go about it? II can help you through hosting, installation and the entire build process


You should know I do sometimes charge for my services, but it depends what it is you need help with.

If it’s only a quick job, I’m generally happy to do the work in exchange for a few shares of my blog. 

So if you’re interested in working together or you think I can help you out – drop me a quick email so we can talk things through.

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