Let’s go to Hawaii

Let’s go to Hawaii

We love to explore and go on adventures – in the UK or further afield – so while some people might look at their Honeymoon as the perfect chance for a luxury holiday, we look at it as a new adventure.

I’m not sure where the decision came from – but Rich and I instantly agreed that our Honeymoon destination of choice would be… HAWAII!!

In all honestly, our verging-on-unhealthy obsession with Hawaii Five-0 probably played a huge part in that decision.



I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to holidays – I think I just enjoy the planning too much to let anyone else do it for me – but this time was different.

I researched the islands, we decided where we wanted to go, but when it came to booking flights and managing inter-island transfers my brain began to melt (throw in the fact we’re also planning a wedding and renovating our first home, it was a pretty hectic time!).

I reached out to a few travel agents that specialised in Honeymoons and Hawaii. I ended up quotes for 7 night holidays (seriously!!) or a holiday that would set us back £8k EACH.

Turns out there aren’t many travel agents in the UK that are ready to help book a trip to Hawaii, everything we found was geared up to visitors from the USA or Australia. So our options were few and far between…


I don’t really know how I found them, but I did and that’s what matters. The beautiful people (Zack, to be precise) at Travelplanners have hooked us up. We’re going to Hawaii!!


Their price was extrememly reasonable – cheaper in fact than I could ever have found myself. The service was incredible – Zack listened to what we wanted, came back with options, listened to me when I wanted to change things a little, came back with more options. This went on for a few days until finally we had a holiday we were happy with and we booked!

In my 28 years of life and travel, this is the first time I’ve ever used a travel agent. And you know what? It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.


We’ll be spending a little over two weeks in the Aloha State, splitting that time between the four major islands. I’ll post more as we get further in the planning, and of course there’ll be plenty of posts when we get home. But for now, here’s an outline of our plans…

  • After a three-leg flight we’ll be arriving on Oahu ready for our first four nights. We’re excited about exploring Waikiki Beach, visiting Pearl Harbour, taking a trip to Kualoa Ranch and generally adventuring around the island.
  • From there it’s onto Kauai for a few nights of relaxation and a few days of exploration. We don’t really have any set plans on this island yet – beyond kayaking, snorkelling and boat-tripping.
  • Next stop is Maui, again, we have no set plans here except for pure and uninterrupted exploration.
  • Final destination is Big Island where we’re staying in the beautiful Sheraton Kona (SO excited!). Big things are on the bucket list for this one – swimming with manta rays, star gazing and flying over active volcanoes are at the top of my list.


If you’ve got any ideas or suggestions of things we could do in Hawaii – I’d love to hear from you. Half the fun of exploring is checking out places we’ve had recommended so I’m all ears!!


Just in case you were wondering how we’re getting on with planning so far… This is what happened last time I got the map out!!




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