Let the adventure begin (again)…

Let the adventure begin (again)…

I started my blog as a way to document my thirst for adventure and to share how I was using adventure to find happiness.

Well, that quest for adventure has been somewhat put on hold recently… and my willingness to document it even more so.

The last few months have been a rollercoaster of emotions and I just didn’t have the space in my mind to do this project justice.

Learning to Adventure is just that – it’s a project. A life project. These last few months, life has got in the way of that project.

In August I was up to my eyeballs in wedding plans and on September 1st I married my best friend. We had a short but sweet mini-moon (which totally did not go to plan, but more on that later) followed by a bump back to reality when we returned to work.

I can quite easily say that September 1st was the best day of my life. September 14th, however, was the worst. The news I had been dreading. The news that my father had passed away.

Ever since then I’ve had to focus my energies into myself and my family. It’s been a tough few weeks but we’re coming out of it stronger than ever.

My dad was my hero. He taught me to fight. He taught me to survive. He taught me to love, to learn and to live.

I won’t say I’m done grieving, because I don’t think I ever will be… But I feel like I am starting to get my life back on track.

So that’s why I’m drawing my attentions back my project. This little project. Learning to Adventure.

I’ve got plenty of plans in the pipeline – did I mention we’re going to Hawaii, like really soon? – and plenty of past adventures to fill you in on, so I’m looking on this as a fresh start.

Let the adventure begin (again)…


Photo by the awesome Ginger Beard Weddings

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