Consider this a Bear Hug

Consider this a Bear Hug

Sometimes I feel like I’ve really tested my friendships to the limit by moving 250 miles across the country. Sometimes I’m reminded that distance is meaningless and the truest of friends will be there for you no matter what.

One of those friends has been having a tough time recently, so we’ve spent a lot of late nights chatting and keeping each other company.

Then I get a delivery at work… an absolutely beautiful bunch of flowers with a wonderful note (which all my colleagues assumed were from my fiancé, oops).

“Just a little sunshine! When life may give me lemons, I can make lemonade for the ones I love x”

I wanted to repay the gesture, but flowers didn’t seem appropriate, so I got googling and came across this fantastic company called BearHugs.

Based in Sheffield and set up by ‘Chief Sender of Hugs’, Faye, this company is all about compassion and optimism.

Not only is every box beautifully and thoughtfully put together, but for every 50 boxes sold they promise to send a box to a seriously ill child or their sibling.

I opted for the Hug in a Mug, Tea & Biscuits box – because a good brew makes everything better (that’s a fact).

It arrived quickly and was very well received by my friend all the way down in old London town.

Just knowing I’ve supported such a lovely company is like getting a big bear hug myself. Can I send a Bear Hug box to the people who make Bear Hugs?

If you’ve got a friend who could use a hug – check out and make someone’s day.


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